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Proud growers of the Noank Oyster and members of the Noank Aquaculture Cooperative

Our Product

Noank Oysters come from historic Noank Connecticut. It is a 100% hatchery-raised product, grown on the bottom. Bottom culture allows Noank Oysters to spread out and take on their distinctive round, scalloped appearance. They are harvested from the clean waters of Fishers Island Sound just south of Mystic, Connecticut.



Noank Oysters provide huge environmental benefits during their lifetimes. Oysters filter huge quantities of water and remove excess algae from the water. In the process, they reduce excess nitrogen from the estuary. Oyster beds provide habitat for hundreds of other species from plants, to invertebrates, to larger fish.

Our Story

We are a family business and take great pride in our Noank Oysters. Shellfish are the only food where you are legally entitled to know where and when it was harvested. We encourage you to “know your farmer”. We also offer consulting services and are available for speaking engagements. Feel free to contact us for information and rates.


Health Benefits

Oysters have often be referred to as the “perfect food”. Noank Oysters are naturally high in Zinc, critical to immune system health. Zinc is also important in the production of testosterone in men. Perhaps that’s how oysters became known as an aphrodisiac.